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Trip report from trip to Arco, Italy with my 6 year old daughter has been addedunionjack
Trip report from Easter trip to Chamonix and Verdon, France has been addedunionjack
Picture slideshow of my ascent of the route 'Klin' on the 350 m high Anica Kuk North Wall, Peklenica National Park, Croatia has been addedunionjack
Picture slideshow of climbing trip to Aiguille Rouge, France and Grimsel, Switzerland (including the famous route Motörhed on the Eldorado wall) has been addedunionjack
My climbing partner, Anders Strange Nielsen, has posted pictures from our Easter raid to Chamonix unionjack
An overview of my rock climbs on a 3 month road trip to Australia has been addedunionjack
Trip report from my alpine climbing trip to Cerro San Lorenzo (3706 m), Patagonia, Argentina has been added unionjack
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An article of my ice climbing trip to Canada, published in the quaterly magazine Klatring of the Danish Alpine Club, has been added [PDF file] dannebro
Slideshows of rock climbing on Kalymnos Island, Greece has been added unionjack

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