As expected we came down later than planned from route 6. Luckily, the driver, Jeffry, Martin and Ricka were still waiting for us, and they had a great surprise for us - we were invited to a wedding in the village. We were dead tired from the climbing and rappelling, but it was quite clear to us that this was a Sicilian offer.

The busy kitchen preparing lots of food.

We were already late and there was thus no time to go home and change clothes. We thus went straight to the wedding in our climbing outfit - first time I have attended a wedding in ice climbing clothes and double booths!!!

Lots of great food...

We were taken into a big tent full of guests and I was amazed about the friendliness and hospitality - this would (unfortunately) never happen in Denmark. It was a great sport for them to get other people to drink fire water (the local hard liquor) and as foreigners we quickly became the prime targets of their efforts! Luckily, we had already experience with the fire water from our Mustagh Ata expedition and we quickly learned to spill as much as possible.

....and lots of "fire water" - dangerous stuff!

However, Carsten was heroically trying to help Jeffry from getting drunk by drinking his share, but unfortunately he got himself drunk in the process...... On the way home we thus had to stop the car so he could get out and throw up! Drinking fire water when you are dehydrated from a full day of climbing is not recommended!

The newly weds (in nice clean clothes) and the climbing team (in smelly climbing clothes).

After the dinner it was time to dance. We were happy for our training at the barbeque a few days earlier, but it was still quite hard to do it right. Luckily, it was more about having fun than about correct dancing style, so we had a great time!

Ricka trying to follow the dancing moves. She was clearly the most talented of the team members!

Click on the picture to see a QuickTime movie of the Tibetan dance.

The daughter of our host family was like many other dressed in extremely beautiful tibetan clothing. The sleeves were extended to enhance the dancing performance - quite extraordinary.

The daughter of the host family in traditional tibetan clothing.

After several hours of eating, drinking and dancing it was (finally) time to go home. It had been a great time, but it was getting very hard to stay awake. On the way home, we were told that the wedding would continue the next morning - I was hardly surprised!

Two local women serving warm "fire water" - even worse than the cold version!

However, it was great to take a day off and enjoy more food and dancing. We also had more fire water, but I hardly enjoyed that! Never drink fire water before noon! It was also a great pleasure to view the spectacular traditional tibetan dresses.

Another spectacular traditional tibetan dress.

Two days of wedding was getting to an end.....

Also the young dress in the beautiful clothing.

..... and we were getting ready for more ice climbing.

Highly decorated silver jewelry is also an important part of the traditional dresses.


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