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Hans Bräuner-Osborne

The four passions: Mountains.....

As it is pretty apparent from my homepage -- I love mountains.


Climbing CV

Ice climbing:
03-2003: Presangen (WI5) og Ozzimosis (WI5) Rjukan, Norway
01-2004: Central Pillar (WI5+), Weeping Wall, Icefields Parkway, Canada

02-2004: Whore House Hoses (WI5), Silverton, Colorado, USA

01-2005: Carlsberg Column (WI5), Mt. Dennis, Field, Canada

01-2005: Field of Dreams (WI5), Mt. Ogden, Field, Canada

01-2005: Bourgeau Left (WI5), Sunshine Village, Canada

02-2005: Nye Vermorkfoss (WI5), Rjukan, Norway

02-2005: Sabotørfossen (WI5), Rjukan, Norway

02-2005: Frihetssøyla (WI6), Rjukan, Norway

01-2006: Rastafarice (WI6), Sichuan, China

02-2008: White Man Falls (95 m, IV, WI6), Opal Creek, Alberta, Canada

02-2008: Curtain Call (125 m, IV, WI6), Icefields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

02-2008: Nemesis (160 m, V, WI6), Stanley Headwall, Alberta, Canada


01-2003: Ski ascent of Gaustatoppen (1883 m) Rjukan, Norway

05-2003: Ski ascent of Mt. Buet (3086 m) Chamonix, France
05-2003: Ascent of Les Courtes (3856 m) Chamonix, France
07-2003: Ascent of Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) Caucasus, Russia
05-2004: Ascent of Castor (4228 m) Zermatt, Switzerland

07-2004: Ascent attempt of Mustagh Ata (7546 m), Xinjiang, China (reached 6300 m)

08-2005: Ascent of Mt. Blanc (4810 m) [traverse from the Cosmique hut to the Goûter hut], Chamonix, France

06-2006: Ascent of Pyramide du Tacul (3468 m) via East Ridge (IV/IV+), Chamonix, France

06-2006: Ascent of Tour Ronde (3792 m) via North Face (AD+/D-), Chamonix France

01-2007: Ascent of Mt. Aspiring (3033 m) via North-West ridge (II+), New Zealand


Alpine ice/snow/rock routes:

03-2005: Ascent of the Whymper couloir (AD+) to Col de la Grande Rocheuse (4051 m), Chamonix, France

08-2005: Cosmique ridge (PD+), Chamonix, France

06-2006: Contamine/North couloir of Mont Blanc du Tacul: North Face Triangle (AD-)

06-2006: Chere couloir (D-/D), Chamonix, France

02-2007: Point Five Gully (V, 5), Ben Nevis, Scotland

Traditional climbing (all red points were sent in second attempt):
06-2003: Red point of Daffy Jam (V) and Optimal (V), Kullen, Sweden
08-2003: On sight of Svenskerruten (V-) and red point of Fingerjam (V+), Kullen, Sweden
09-2003: On sight of Bananblokken (VI-), Göteborg, Sweden
09-2003: On sight of Bröderne Grym (V+) and red point of Testoverhænget (VI), Kullen, Sweden

07-2005: On sight of Kong Frederik kører for stærkt (VI-) Kullen, Sweden

08-2005: On sight of Wolfgang Amadeus (VI) Kullen, Sweden

09-2005: On sight of Börja om från början (5+) and Palimpsest (5+), Bohuslän, Sweden

09-2005: On sight of Excalibur (V+) and red point of Tornerose (VI), Kullen, Sweden

02-2006: On sight of Panty Raid (5.9+), Johnny Vegas (5.9, 3 pitches), Olive Oil (5.7, 4 pitches), Geronimo (5.7, 4 pitches), Cat in the Hat (5.6+, 5 pitches), Red Rocks, Nevada, USA

07-2006: On sight of Via Miriam (V+, 4 pitches) Torre Grande, Dolomites, Italy

07-2006: On sight of Tyskerruten (V+) and Det Lodrette Riss (V+), Kullen, Sweden

11-2006: On sight of Black Magic (5.8, 4 pitches), Red Rocks, Nevada, USA

05-2007: On sight of Per Lyhnes Led (VI), To Hug og et Suk (VI), Andy Pandy (VI) and Rumpnissen (VI) and red point of Masculus (VII-), Kullen, Sweden


Artificial climbing:

2-2004: Lynet (A2), Kullen, Sweden
2-2004: A3-ruten (A2/3), Kullen, Sweden

3-2007: Yosemite (A2), Kullen, Sweden


Sportsclimbing (all red points were sent in second attempt):
12-2002: Flash of García Aguas (6b) and red point of Engendro caneki (6b+), El Chorro, Spain
04-2003: On sight of Indiana Jones (6a+) Châteauvert, France
09-2003: On sight of Esperó (6b+) and red point of Cuencame un cuenco (6c+) Arboli, Spain

07-2005: On sight of Panakia (6b+) and Bye Bye Doc (6c) Kalymnos, Greece

10-2005: On sight of Mambo (6b+/c) and Askilipios (6c) Kalymnos, Greece

02-2006: On sight of Totally Clips (5.11a), Red Rocks, Nevada, USA

07-2006: On sight of Dansk-Svensk Kultursamarbejde (VI+), Kullen, Sweden

01-2007: On sight of Climatic Conclusion (19), Froggatt Edge, New Zealand


First ascents:
08-2005: I love Zero's (IV) and Husk lige stålbørsten (IV-), Kullen, Swede

02-2008: Luna (M5 R), Evan Thomas Creek, Canad (not confirmed FA)

06-2008: Aguja de Rune (V, A2+,D5), Cerro San Lorenzo, Patagonia, Argentina


08-2002: Rock- and alpine course with Grindelwald Sports, Switzerland
01-2003: Iceclimbing course in Rjukan, Norway with the Danish Mountain Club
03-2003: Kursus i udstyrs- og materialekendskab med Dansk Bjergklub, København
03-2003: Kursus i bjergmedicin med Dansk Bjergklub, København
05-2003: Randonnée kursus i Chamonix med Dansk Bjergklub, Frankrig
09-2003: Videregående klippeklatrekursus med Dansk Bjergklub, Göteborg, Sverige

01-2004: Isklatre workshops ved Ouray Icefestival

02-2004: Kursus i artificiel klatring med Dansk Bjergklub, Kullen, Sverige

03-2004: Redningskursus med Dansk Bjergklub, Kullen, Sverige

02-2005: Videregående isklatre kursus med Dansk Bjergklub, Rjukan, Norge


Publications (in Danish, click to download PDF file):

01-2003: Internationalt træf i Belgien (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

06-2003: Randonnée i Chamonix (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

10-2003: Kunsten af vende om (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

01-2004: Anmeldelse af Mountaineering - The Freedom of the Hills (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

09-2005: Mustagh Ata 7546m - et alpinstils forsøg i højden (Klatring - Dansk Bjergklub)

10-2006: Pandaernes istid (Luksus Magazine)

04-2007: Point Five Gully - Verdens bedste vinterrute?! (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

04-2007: Mount Aspiring - New Zealands Matterhorn (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

07-2007: Red Rocks - Fra is til Ýrken klatring (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

12-2007: 7b i KK [photos by me] (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)

04-2008: Isklatre-orlov i Canada (Klatring, Dansk Bjergklub)



01-2004 to 02-2005: Member of the board, The Danish Mountain Club

brain research.....

What is not apparant is my other passion is brain research.

I am professor in molecular pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen.


Visit my work homepage if you want to know more about my research

or send an e-mail to:




I recently plotted a map of all the countries I have visited so far:

world map

Quite amazing - I guess I will soon have to sponsor some third world CO2 reduction projects in order to become politically correct......Meanwhile I will also have to find new climbing projects in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, ...., in order to fill the white spots on the map ;-)


and family....


On August 20, 2008 I became father to Sofie Frederikke. A courageous little girl who went on her first climbing trip to Australia in 2009 aged 6 months!

Sofie Frederikke Bräuner climbing



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